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Learn school

With an understanding that every child has some hidden qualities and extraordinary skills which needs to be harnessed and popped out, Shinypop Educare Ltd formed in year 2016

Shinypop Educare Ltd, aims to be the ever growing pinnacle for providing education. The company has proposed different models to impart benefits of their research and development through partnered schools as well as service model. The company will have school network working as partnership models, like a structured chain schools and also it will render services to be already existing schools with a specialized and personalized requirement. We at Shinypop Educare Ltd believe that education should be made stress free. We perceive education as a part of learning and we want entire new generation to cultivate the learning attitude.

At Shiny POP our intention is to develop the learning attitude of child along with education.  We aim an ideology to provide a conducive environment for developing the learning attitude and imparting education through play methodology. 

We believe the holistic growth of a child is only possible by developing the young minds with right attitude and righteous virtues and values. We are putting efforts to change the perception of education limited only to books and change the stereotyped mindset of judging child’s ability through scores. 

We invite you to join hands to be part of this system and re understand, re design and re invent the concepts of education, making it sure that our common goal is nurture and make our young generations prepared for the ever evolving future.